Gymnosoma Meigen     |     Sub-family: Phasinae
Distribution: widespread
Remarks: antenna extending to or nearly to level of lower facial margin; postpedicel at least 2 times as long as wide; vertex about half as wide as eye in dorsal view or wider; vibrissa arising at level of lower facial margin; wing cell r4+5 petiolate; stutellum with 2 pairs of marginal setae (basals and apicals); abdominal tergites completely fused, without sutures between them; abdomen sub-globular, without pruinescence, without setae, usually orange red in ground colour with dark markings, sometimes entirely black
Body length range: 3 - 8mm
  Pictures available: 15

gymnosoma clavatum_cerci (F)
gymnosoma clavatum_sincerco (M) gymnosoma desertorum_femore medio sx gymnosoma desertorum_sincerco (M) gymnosoma dolycoridis_dettagli sternite 7 (F) gymnosoma dolycoridis_dettaglio cerco (F) gymnosoma inornatum_pruinosità scuto e scutello M gymnosoma nitens_ala dx gymnosoma nitens_femore medio sx gymnosoma rotundatum_cerci (F) gymnosoma rotundatum_femore sx gymnosoma rotundatum_sincerco (M) gymnosoma rungsi_capo M gymnosoma rungsi_pruinosità scuto e scutello M gymnosoma siculum_torace (M)